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  • Analytical response time estimation in parallel relational database systems 

    Tomov, N.; Dempster, Euan W.; Williams, M. H.; Burger, A.; Taylor, H.; King, P. J. B.; Broughton, P. (Elsevier, 2004-02)
    Techniques for performance estimation in parallel database systems are well established for parameters such as throughput, bottlenecks and resource utilisation. However, response time estimation is a complex activity which ...
  • Clinical assessment in sports therapy 

    Ward, Keith; Grice, Mike; Di Leva, Rob; Evans, Kate; Baker, Jo; Hawkey, Adam (Routledge, 2015-09-16)
  • Computer-based tools for assessing micro-longitudinal patterns of cognitive function in older adults 

    Brown, Laura J. E.; Adlam, Tim; Hwang, Faustina; Khadra, Hassan; Maclean, Linda M.; Rudd, Bridey; Smith, Tom; Timon, Claire; Williams, Elizabeth A.; Astell, Arlene J. (Springer, 2016-07-29)
    Patterns of cognitive change over micro-longitudinal timescales (i.e., ranging from hours to days) are associated with a wide range of age-related health and functional outcomes. However, practical issues with conducting ...