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  • Going retro: oxidative stress biomarkers in modern redox biology 

    Margaritelis, Nikos V.; Cobley, James N.; Paschalis, Vassilis; Veskoukis, Aristidis S.; Theodorou, Anastasios A.; Kyparos, Antonios; Nikolaidis, Michalis G. (Elsevier, 2016-02-17)
    The field of redox biology is inherently intertwined with oxidative stress biomarkers. Oxidative stress biomarkers have been utilized for many different objectives. Our analysis indicates that oxidative stress biomarkers ...
  • The "golden age" of biotechnology in Europe 

    Zhelev, Nikolai (Diagnosis Press, 2011-11)
  • Governance and social information disclosure – evidence from the UK 

    Parsa, Sepideh; Kouhy, Reza; Tzovas, Christos (Interscience Publishers, 2007)
    Theoretically, corporate social responsibility should be embedded in corporate governance structures. This paper presents evidence that this is not the case for listed UK companies. Our evidence shows that in the presence ...
  • Graded non-word reading test 

    Snowling, M.; Stothard, J.; McLean, Janet F. (Thames Valley Test Company, 1996)
  • Graduate attributes and the knowledge society: developments in Scottish higher education 

    Moir, James (ECPR - Standing Group on international relations, 2010-09)
    Higher education is in a state of transformation across the world. The 2009 synthesis report from the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) entitled ‘Higher Education at a time of Transformation: New Dynamics ...
  • Graduate attributes for citizenship in the 21st century: The Scottish enhancement theme approach 

    Moir, James (Institute of Education, 2010-11-19)
    Graduates require a range of attributes that enable them to deal with, not only employability, but also an increasing concern with global citizenship. This paper evaluates the Scottish ‘Graduates in the 21st Century ...
  • Graduate attributes in higher education: profiles or competencies? 

    Moir, James (British Sociological Association, 2011-04-08)
    Higher education is in a state of transformation across the world. The 2009 synthesis report from the Global University Network for Innovation draws attention to the many challenges that confront the sector. There is a ...
  • Graduate attributes, personalisation and citizenship 

    Moir, James (Inter-Disciplinary.Net, 2011-03-13)
    Higher education is in a state of transformation across the world. However, given the worldwide economic situation, there are emerging tensions that bear upon this upheaval such as reactive versus proactive approaches with ...
  • The graduate contribution 

    Moir, James (Analytrics, 2014-01-07)
  • Grain surface-roughness effects on colloidal retention in the vadose zone 

    Morales, Veronica L.; Gao, Bin; Steenhuis, Tammo S. (Soil Science Society of America, 2009-02)
    Work to date has raised awareness regarding the importance of transport of colloids in the vadose zone, as it is the critical connection between shallow contaminant sources and the deeper groundwater. Existing models do ...
  • Granular bed baffled reactor (Grabbr): solution to a two-phase anaerobic digestion system 

    Baloch, M. I.; Akunna, Joseph C. (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2003-11)
    A single unit anaerobic granular bed baffled reactor (GRABBR) is proposed as an alternative to a separately operated two-phase anaerobic digestion system. This overcomes the problems related to wastewater treatment at high ...
  • Graphite and hybrid nanomaterials as lubricant additives 

    Zhang, Zenyu J.; Simionesie, Dorin; Schaschke, Carl (MDPI AG, 2014-04-24)
    Lubricant additives, based on inorganic nanoparticles coated with organic outer layer, can reduce wear and increase load-carrying capacity of base oil remarkably, indicating the great potential of hybrid nanoparticles as ...
  • Grocery loyalty : Tesco Clubcard and its impact on loyalty 

    Turner, Jason J.; Wilson, Karen (Emerald, 2006)
    Abstract: Purpose – The aim of the research is to identify the impact of the Tesco Clubcard on customer loyalty. The secondary aim is to contrast customer perceptions of the Clubcard, staff and “feeling valued” to identify ...
  • Gross primary productivity of a high elevation tropical montane cloud forest 

    van de Weg, Martine Janet; Meir, Patrick; Williams, Mathew; Girardin, Cécile; Malhi, Yadvinder; Silva-Espejo, Javier; Grace, John (Springer US, 2014-03-08)
    For decades, the productivity of tropical montane cloud forests (TMCF) has been assumed to be lower than in tropical lowland forests due to nutrient limitation, lower temperatures, and frequent cloud immersion, although ...
  • Gross solid transport in sewers 

    Butler, David; Davies, John; Jefferies, Christopher; Schütze, M. (Thomas Telford, 2003-06)
    Gross solid transport in sewers has been studied in the laboratory, by theoretical analysis, and in the field. A simplified model is proposed that can be run as an extension of existing sewer software packages (for example ...
  • Gross solids transport and degradation 

    Davies, John; Butler, David; Small, J. L.; Sekuloski, V.; Jefferies, Christopher (IWA Publishing, 1998)
    The paper describes the first stages of a study of the origin, transport, and fate of sewer gross solids. The background to the project, its overall plan, and relevant previous studies are outlined. Progress to-date is ...
  • Growing up in a mainstream world: a retrospective enquiry into the childhood experiences of young adults with a physical disability. 

    Lumsdaine, Sally; Thurston, Mhairi (Taylor and Francis, 2016-06-09)
    Children with disabilities are at greater risk of developing mental health problems than their peers, yet the emotional well-being of this group is largely overlooked and there is scant literature about children with a ...
  • ‘Guys! Stop doing it!’: young women's adoption and rejection of safety advice when socializing in bars, pubs and clubs 

    Brooks, Oona (Oxford University Press, 2011)
    Concern about the increase in alcohol consumption amongst young women, drink spiking and drug-assisted sexual assault have culminated in a renewed focus on safety advice for young women. This paper examines young women's ...
  • Gyorgy Lukacs 

    Law, Alex (Edinburgh University Press, 2005)
  • Handbook of secure care 

    Dickens, Geoffrey L.; Sugarman, Philip A.; Picchioni, Marco M.; (editors) (Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2015-07)
    In any society a small proportion of people with mental disorder present with behaviour that transgresses norms and violates the rights of others. Yet these people are often vulnerable themselves to violence, abuse or ...