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2007Movement of the parasitic nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita in the presence of mucus from the host slug Deroceras reticulatumHapca, Simona M.; Crawford, John W.; Rae, Robert; Wilson, Michael; Young, Iain M.Journal Article
Dec-2005Movement time for motion-impaired users assisted by force-feedback: effects of movement amplitude, target width, and gravity well widthHwang, Faustina; Keates, Simeon; Langdon, Patrick; Clarkson, P. JohnJournal Article
24-Feb-2015Moving away from the geostatistical lamppost: why, where, and how does the spatial heterogeneity of soils matter?Baveye, Philippe C.; Laba, MagdelineJournal Article
2014Moving on: a case analysis of process and outcome in person-centred psychotherpay for health anxietySmith, Kate; Shoemark, Alison; McLeod, John; McLeod, JuliaJournal Article
12-Mar-2009Moving to a new climate of opinionMoir, JamesConference Paper
Sep-2011Mpdz null allele in an avian model of retinal degeneration and mutations in human leber congenital amaurosis and retinitis pigmentosaAli, Manir; Hocking, Paul M.; McKibbin, Martin; Finnegan, Sorcha; Shires, Mike; Poulter, James A.; Prescott, Katrina; Booth, Adam; Raashid, Yasmin; Jafri, Hussain; Ruddle, Jonathan B.; Mackey, David A.; Jacobson, Samuel G.; Toomes, Carmel; Lester, Douglas H.; Burt, David W.; Curry, William J.; Inglehearn, Chris F.Journal Article
Jul-2012A multi-model comparison of soil carbon assessment of a coniferous forest standPalosuo, Taru; Foereid, Bente; Svensson, Magnus; Shurpali, Narasinha; Lehtonen, Aleksi; Herbst, Michael; Linkosalo, Tapio; Ortiz, Carina; Rampazzo Todorovic, Gorana; Marcinkonis, Saulius; Li, Changsheng; Jandl, RobertJournal Article
Jun-2012Multicore scheduling for lightweight communicating processesRitson, Carl G.; Sampson, Adam T.; Barnes, Frederick R. M.Journal Article
Dec-2009Multiple eruptions from magnetic flux emergenceMacTaggart, David; Hood, Alan W.Journal Article
17-Jan-2008Multivariate analysis of phenol mineralisation by combined hydrodynamic cavitation and heterogeneous advanced Fenton processingChakinala, Anand G.; Bremner, David H.; Gogate, Parag R.; Namkung, Kyu-Cheol; Burgess, Arthur E.Journal Article
2010A multi‐centre study of adults with learning disabilities referred to services for antisocial or offending behaviour: demographic, individual, offending and service characteristicsO'Brien, Gregory; Taylor, John; Lindsay, William R.; Holland, Anthony; Carson, Derek; Steptoe, Lesley; Price, Karen; Middleton, Claire; Wheeler, JessicaJournal Article
Sep-2014Musical ability and non-native speech-sound processing are linked through sensitivity to pitch and spectral informationKempe, Vera; Bublitz, Dennis; Brooks, Patricia J.Journal Article
Nov-2006Mutation in the guanine nucleotide–binding protein ß-3 causes retinal degeneration and embryonic mortality in chickensTummala, Hemanth; Ali, Manir; Getty, Paul; Hocking, Paul M.; Burt, David W.; Inglehearn, Chris F.; Lester, Douglas H.Journal Article
2014My enemies must be friends: the American extreme-right, conspiracy theory, Islam, and the middle eastWinter, AaronBook chapter
Dec-2011N-Acetylcysteine's attenuation of fatigue after repeated bouts of intermittent exercise: practical implications for tournament situationsCobley, James N.; McGlory, Chris; Morton, James P.; Close, Graeme L.Journal Article
2011Nano-imaging and its applications to biomedicineCanetta, Elisabetta; Adya, Ashok K.Conference Paper
2009Nanoscopic morphological changes in yeast cell surfaces caused by oxidative stress: an atomic force microscopic studyCanetta, Elisabetta; Walker, Graeme M.; Adya, Ashok K.Journal Article
2014Nanotechnology and its applications to animal biotechnologyAdya, Ashok K.; Canetta, ElisabettaBook chapter
2009Narrow spread electron beams from a laser-plasma wakefield acceleratorWiggins, S. M.; Anania, M. P.; Brunetti, E.; Cipiccia, S.; Ersfeld, B.; Islam, M. R.; Issac, R. C.; Raj, G.; Shanks, R. P.; Vieux, G.; Welsh, G. H.; Gillespie, W. A.; MacLeod, Allan M.; Jaroszynski, D. A.Conference Paper
May-2001Near and far: banal national identity and the press in ScotlandLaw, AlexJournal Article
Showing results 1164 to 1183 of 1905
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