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  • Bioinformatic analysis of regulatory elements within the promoter region of the cytochrome P450 Gene, CYP6M2 in Anopheles gambiae 

    Mohammed, Balarabe R.; Wilding, Craig S.; Collier, Phillip J.; Deeni, Yusuf Y. (Bielefeld University, 2014)
  • Biological invasion in soil: complex network analysis 

    Perez-Reche, Francisco J.; Taraskin, S. N.; Neri, F. M.; Gilligan, C. A.; da F. Costa, L.; Viana, M. P.; Otten, Wilfred; Grinev, D. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009-07)
    A network model for soil pore space is developed and applied to the analysis of biological invasion of microorganisms in soil. The model was parameterized for two soil samples with different compaction (loosely and densely ...
  • Bioluminescent imaging of Cdk2 inhibition in vivo 

    Zhang, Guo-Jun; Safran, Michal; Wei, Wenyi; Sorensen, Erik; Lassota, Peter; Zhelev, Nikolai Z.; Neuberg, Donna S.; Shapiro, Geoffrey; Kaelin Jr, William G. (Nature Publishing Group, 2004-05)
    Many proteins and pathways of pharmaceutical interest impinge on ubiquitin ligases or their substrates. The cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk) inhibitor p27, for example, is polyubiquitylated in a cell cycle−dependent manner ...
  • Biomass recycling and the origin of phenotype in fungal mycelia 

    Falconer, Ruth E.; Bown, James L.; White, Nia A.; Crawford, John W. (The Royal Society, 2005-08)
    Fungi are one of the most important and widespread components of the biosphere, and are essential for the growth of over 90% of all vascular plants. Although they are a separate kingdom of life, we know relatively little ...
  • Biomass recycling: a key to efficient foraging by fungal colonies 

    Falconer, Ruth E.; Bown, James L.; White, Nia A.; Crawford, John W. (Nordic Ecological Society, 2007-09)
    Using an existing fungal growth model that captures the physiological processes of vegetative growth and development of a fungal colony, and in particular incorporates, for the first time, a recycling of biomass mechanism, ...
  • A biomechanical analysis of straight and hexagonal barbell deadlifts using submaximal loads 

    Swinton, Paul A.; Stewart, Arthur; Agouris, Ioannis; Keogh, Justin W. L.; Lloyd, Ray (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2011-07)
    The purpose of the investigation was to compare the kinematics and kinetics of the deadlift performed with 2 distinct barbells across a range of submaximal loads. Nineteen male powerlifters performed the deadlift with a ...
  • A biomechanical comparison of the traditional squat, powerlifting squat, and box squat 

    Swinton, Paul A.; Lloyd, Ray; Keogh, Justin W. L.; Agouris, Ioannis; Stewart, Arthur D. (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2012-07)
    The purpose of this study was to compare the biomechanics of the traditional squat with 2 popular exercise variations commonly referred to as the powerlifting squat and box squat. Twelve male powerlifters performed the ...
  • Biomechanical differences associated with two different load carriage systems and their relationship to economy 

    Lloyd, Ray; Cooke, Carlton (Versita, Warsaw, 2011-03)
    Purpose. To explore relationships between load carriage economy and the kinematics and kinetics of load carriage using both a backpack (BP) and a double pack (DP). Basic procedures. Nine participants walked on a treadmill ...
  • Biomedical ethics: a utilitarian perspective 

    Smith, Kevin R. (Nova Science Publishers, 2005)
  • Biotechnology and patent law 

    Bonadio, Enrico (Università degli Studi di Milano, 2009)
    This article looks at the impact of biotechnology on traditional patent law. The author argues that biotechnological inventions have unique features, which makes it difficult to use the usual patterns of (legal and factual) ...
  • BitBox! 

    McAlpine, Kenneth B. (2014-08)
    BitBox! is an installation that takes game music from the screen and brings it into the room. Using ultrasonic sensors, the system tracks your position in 3D space and uses your location in real time to create evolving ...
  • BitBox!: A case study interface for teaching real-time adaptive music composition for video games 

    McAlpine, Kenneth B. (Intellect, 2016-04)
    Real-time adaptive music is now well-established as a popular medium, largely through its use in video game soundtracks. Commercial packages, such as fmod, make freely available the underlying technical methods for use in ...
  • A blue cat or a cat that is blue? Evidence for abstract syntax in young children's noun phrases 

    Branigan, Holly P.; McLean, Janet F.; Jones, Manon (Cascadilla Press, 2005-04)
  • Blunting of AICAR-induced human skeletal muscle glucose uptake in type 2 diabetes is dependent on age rather than diabetic status 

    Babraj, John A.; Mustard, Kristy; Sutherland, Calum; Towler, Mhari C.; Chen, Shaui; Smith, Kenneth; Green, Kevin; Leese, Graham; Hardie, David Grahame; Rennie, Michael J.; Cuthbertson, Daniel James (American Physiological Society, 2009)
    We demonstrated previously that, in healthy young men, 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide 1-β-D-ribofuranoside (AICAR) stimulates human muscle 2-deoxyglucose (2DG) uptake without detectable activation of muscle AMP-activated ...
  • Body dissatisfaction and pursuit of thinness in black South African females: The role of men 

    Seed, J. A.; Szabo, C. P.; Allin, L. J.; Nxumalo, S. A.; Olivier, Steve (The British Psychological Society, 2005-02)
    Background: Previous research has shown body dissatisfaction and pursuit of thinness among contemporary black South African females to be related to the female perception that black males now prefer thinner, more Western ...
  • Body odor quality predicts behavioral attractiveness in humans 

    Roberts, S. Craig; Kralevich, Alexandra; Ferdenzi, Camille; Saxton, Tamsin K.; Jones, Benedict C.; DeBruine, Lisa M.; Little, Anthony C.; Havlicek, Jan (Springer Verlag, 2011-12)
    Growing effort is being made to understand how different attractive physical traits co-vary within individuals, partly because this might indicate an underlying index of genetic quality. In humans, attention has focused ...
  • Bologna bytes: higher education and personal development planning 

    Moir, James (The International Journal of Learning, 2009)
    Personal Development Planning (PDP) has become a central feature of student activity across the higher education sector. There is now an awareness that in a globalised education and workplace market students will need to ...
  • Bologna bytes: higher education and personal development planning 

    Moir, James (Common Ground Publishing, 2009-07-02)
    Personal development Planning (PDP) has become a central feature of student activity across the higher education sector. This has come about as the result of an awareness that in a globalised education and workplace market ...
  • Boyz n the hood 

    Winter, Aaron (Greenwood Press, 2009)
  • Brain matters…in social sciences 

    Rusconi, Elena (AIMS Press, 2016-08-16)
    Here we offer a general introduction to cognitive neuroscience and provide examples relevant to psychology, healthcare and bioethics, law and criminology, information studies, of how brain studies have influenced, are ...