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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
4-Feb-2013Egg-laying substrate selection for optimal camouflage by quailLovell, P. George; Ruxton, Graeme, D.; Langridge, Keri,V.; Spencer, Karen, A.Journal Article
3-Dec-2013Eggshell appearance does not signal maternal corticosterone exposure in Japanese quail: an experimental study with brown-spotted eggsDuval, Camille; Cassey, Phillip; Lovell, P. George; Mikšík, Ivan; Reynolds, S. James; Spencer, Karen A.Journal Article
2013eHealth and the internet of thingsBall, Leslie D.; Szymkowiak, Andrea; Keates, Simeon; Bradley, David; Brownsell, SimonConference Poster
Oct-2011Elasticity of human embryonic stem cells as determined by atomic force microscopyKiss, Robert; Bock, Henry; Pells, Steve; Canetta, Elisabetta; Adya, Ashok K.; Moore, Andrew J.; De Sousa, Paul; Willoughby, Nicholas A.Journal Article
2008Electricity load profile classification using Fuzzy C-Means methodPrahastono, Iswan; King, David J.; Özveren, Cüneyt Süheyl; Bradley, David A.Conference Paper
2009Electro-optic bunch diagnostics on ALICEPhillips, P. J.; Gillespie, W. A.; Jamison, S. P.; MacLeod, Allan M.Conference Paper
Sep-2004Electro-optic technique with improved time resolution for real-time, nondestructive, single-shot measurements of femtosecond electron bunch profilesBerden, G.; Jamison, S. P.; MacLeod, Allan M.; Gillespie, W. A.; Redlich, B.; van der Meer, A. F. G.Journal Article
2008Electro-optic techniques for longitudinal electron bunch diagnosticsBerden, G.; van der Meer, A. F. G.; Jamison, S. P.; Steffen, B.; Schmidt, B.; Schmüser, P.; MacLeod, Allan M.; Gillespie, W. A.; Phillips, P. J.Conference Paper
Feb-2006Electro-optic techniques for temporal profile characterisation of relativistic Coulomb fields and coherent synchrotron radiationJamison, S. P.; Berden, G.; MacLeod, Allan M.; Jaroszynski, D. A.; Redlich, B.; van der Meer, A. F. G.; Gillespie, W. A.Article
Mar-2009Electro-optic time profile monitors for femtosecond electron bunches at the soft x-ray free-electron laser FLASHSteffen, B.; Arsov, V.; Berden, G.; Gillespie, W. A.; Jamison, S. P.; MacLeod, Allan M.; van der Meer, A. F. G.; Phillips, P. J.; Schlarb, H.; Schmidt, B.; Schmüser, P.Journal Article
Jun-2010Electron beam quality measurements on the ALPHA-X laser-plasma wakefield acceleratorWelsh, G. H.; Anania, M. P.; Aniculaesei, C.; Brunetti, D.; Burgess, R. T. L.; Cipiccia, S.; Clark, D.; Ersfeld, B.; Islam, M. R.; Issac, R. C.; Manahan, G. G.; McCanny, T.; Raj, G.; Reitsma, A. J. W.; Shanks, R. P.; Vieux, G.; Wiggins, S. M.; Jaroszynski, D. A.; Gillespie, W. A.; MacLeod, Allan M.; van der Geer, S. B.; de Loos, M. J.Conference Paper
Aug-2007Electron microprobe and synchrotron x-ray fluorescence mapping of the heterogeneous distribution of copper in high-copper vineyard soilsJacobson, Astrid R.; Dousset, Sylvie; Andreux, Francis; Baveye, Philippe C.Article
24-Dec-2014Electrospun polyvinyl alcohol/carbon dioxide modified polyethyleneimine composite nanofiber scaffoldsWu, Han-Bing; Bremner, David H.; Nie, Hua-Li; Quan, Jing; Zhu, Li-MinJournal Article
May-2009Elicited production of case-marking in Russian and Serbian children: are diminutive nouns easier to inflectKempe, Vera; Ševa, Nada; Brooks, Patricia J.; Mironova, Natalija; Pershukova, Angelina; Fedorova, OlgaJournal Article
2008The elixir of social trust: social capital and cultures of challenge in health movementsLaw, AlexBook chapter
Feb-2012Emergent behavior of soil fungal dynamics: influence of soil architecture and water distributionFalconer, Ruth E.; Houston, Alasdair N.; Otten, Wilfred; Baveye, Philippe C.Journal Article
2011Emergent properties of the fungal-soil complexFalconer, Ruth E.; Houston, Alasdair N.; Otten, Wilfred; Baveye, Philippe C.Other
Feb-2011Emergent requirements for supporting introductory programmingCoull, Natalie J.; Duncan, Ishbel M. M.Journal Article
19-Jul-2011Emotional avatars: choreographing emotional facial expression animationSloan, Robin J. S.Thesis or dissertation
11-Sep-2012Emotional avatars: videos of animated emotional facial expressionsSloan, Robin J. S.Animation; Video
Showing results 587 to 606 of 1973
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