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  • The hidden histories of objects: provenance, storytelling and tagging technologies 

    O'Callaghan, Simone; Speed, Chris (The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA), 2011)
    This paper explores storytelling methods to follow the lives of objects from their first inception to the narratives they collect along the way. It is part of TOTeM[1] a £1.39M research project based around the “Internet ...
  • High intensity training improves health and physical function in middle aged adults 

    Adamson, Simon; Lorimer, Ross; Cobley, James N.; Lloyd, Ray; Babraj, John A. (MDPI, 2014-05-12)
    High intensity training (HIT) is effective at improving health; however, it is unknown whether HIT also improves physical function. This study aimed to determine whether HIT improves metabolic health and physical function ...
  • High quality electron beams from a laser wakefield accelerator 

    Wiggins, S. M.; Issac, R. C.; Welsh, G. H.; Brunetti, E.; Shanks, R. P.; Anania, M. P.; Cipiccia, S.; Manahan, G. G.; Aniculaesei, C.; Ersfeld, B.; Islam, M. R.; Burgess, R. T. L.; Vieux, G.; Gillespie, W. A.; MacLeod, Allan M.; van der Geer, S. B.; de Loos, M. J.; Jaroszynski, D. A. (Institute of Physics, 2010-12)
    High quality electron beams have been produced in a laser-plasma accelerator driven by femtosecond laser pulses with a peak power of 26 TW. Electrons are produced with an energy up to 150 MeV from the 2 mm gas jet accelerator ...
  • High quality electron beams from a laser wakefield accelerator 

    Wiggins, S. M.; Shanks, R. P.; Issac, R. C.; Welsh, G. H.; Anania, M. P.; Brunetti, E.; Vieux, G.; Cipiccia, C.; Ersfeld, B.; Islam, M. R.; Burgess, R. T. L.; Manahan, G.; Aniculaesei, C.; Gillespie, W. A.; MacLeod, Allan M.; Jaroszynski, D. A. (Optical Society of America, 2010-07-01)
    Very stable, high quality electron beams (current ~ 10 kA, energy spread < 1%, emittance ~ 1π mm mrad) have been generated in a laser-plasma accelerator driven by 25 TW femtosecond laser pulses.
  • High-intensity cycling training: the effect of work-to-rest intervals on running performance measures 

    Kavaliauskas, Mykolas; Aspe, Rodrigo R.; Babraj, John A. (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2015-08)
    The work-to-rest ratio during cycling-based high-intensity interval training (HIT) could be important in regulating physiological and performance adaptations. We sought to determine the effectiveness of cycling-based HIT ...
  • High-precision evaluation of the Bessel functions via Hadamard series 

    Paris, Richard B. (Elsevier, 2009-02-01)
    We present a method of high-precision calculation of the Bessel functions using Hadamard series. Such series are absolutely convergent expansions involving the normalised incomplete gamma function [formula missing] and ...
  • Higher education & personal change in prisoners 

    Reuss, Anne Marie; Wilson, Anne (University of Leeds, 1997)
    This thesis concerns the paradox of Higher Education in prisons - paradox because the aims, practices, ideals and ideologies of the former are recognisably at odds with those of the latter, whose concern is essentially ...
  • Higher education change and its managers: alternative constructions 

    Hotho, Sabine (SAGE, 2013-05)
    This article is based on a case study conducted in the context of UK higher education change. The article argues that ‘change’ is a construct created in discourses of change policy and change management, and resulting in ...
  • A holistic approach to Concentration Assessment of hazards in the risk assessment of landfill leachate 

    Butt, T. E.; Oduyemi, Kehinde O. K. (Elsevier, 2003-01)
    Risk assessment is a new research area. The risk assessment research area deals with a wide range of issues other than landfills. Examples of these issues are Radiation, Food Industry, Ecology, Epidemiology, etc. The authors ...
  • Holistic versus featural facial composite systems for people with mild intellectual disabilities 

    Gawrylowicz, Julie; Gabbert, Fiona; Carson, Derek; Lindsay, William R.; Hancock, Peter J.B. (John Wiley and Sons, 2012)
    Limited verbal abilities might act as a barrier to witnesses with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) to provide accurate testimony. This might be particularly problematic when the police need to create a facial composite image. ...
  • Holographic recording with orthogonally polarized beams in a cesium-doped (k(0.5)na(0.5))(0.2)(sr(0.75)ba(0.25))(0.9)nb(2)o(6) crystal 

    Liang, B. L.; Wang, Z. Q.; Cartwright, Colin M.; Zhang, H.; Ding, M. S.; Gillespie, W. A. (Optical Society of America, 2001-09)
    Holographic recording with orthogonally polarized beams in a cesium-doped KNSBN [(K(0.5)Na(0.5))(0.2)(Sr(0.75)Ba(0.25))(0.9)Nb(2)O(6)] crystal has been studied. It was found that this kind of photorefractive crystal possesses ...
  • Holographic-recording improvement in a bismuth silicon oxide crystal by the moving-grating technique 

    Wang, Z. Q.; Gillespie, W. A.; Cartwright, Colin M. (Optical Society of America, 1994)
    We investigate the enhancement of the diffraction efficiency of dynamic gratings recorded in a bismuth silicon oxide crystal at large modulation by the moving-grating technique. The optimum fringe velocity for maximum ...
  • A home daily activity simulation model for the evaluation of lifestyle monitoring systems 

    Cardinaux, Fabien; Brownsell, Simon; Bradley, David; Hawley, Mark S. (Elsevier, 2013-10)
    Lifestyle monitoring (LM) technology is part of a new generation of telecare which aims to observe the daily activities of older or vulnerable individuals and determine if a medical or care intervention would be beneficial. ...
  • Homeopathy is unscientific and unethical 

    Smith, Kevin R. (Blackwell Publishing, 2012-11)
    In opposition to the premises of Against Homeopathy – a Utilitarian Perspective, all four respondents base their objections on the central claims that homeopathy is in fact scientifically plausible and is supported by ...
  • Hormonal regulation of hippocampal dendritic morphology and synaptic plasticity 

    Moult, Peter R.; Harvey, Jenni (Taylor & Francis, 2008)
    The peripheral functions of hormones such as leptin, insulin and estrogens are well documented. An important and rapidly expanding field is demonstrating that as well as their peripheral actions, these hormones play an ...
  • Host carbon sources modulate cell wall architecture and virulence in candida albicans 

    Ene, Iuliana V.; Adya, Ashok K.; Heilmann, Clemens J; Sorgo, Alice G; Klis, Frans M.; MacCallum, D. M.; Gow, N. A.; Brown, A. L. (Wiley & Sons, 2012-06)
  • Host carbon sources modulate cell wall architecture, drug resistance and virulence in a fungal pathogen 

    Ene, Iuliana, V.; Adya, Ashok K.; Wehmeier, Silvia; Brand, Alexandra, C.; MacCallum, Donna, M.; Gow, Neil, A. R.; Brown, Alistair, J. P. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012-09)
    The survival of all microbes depends upon their ability to respond to environmental challenges. To establish infection, pathogens such as Candida albicans must mount effective stress responses to counter host defences while ...
  • Host plant recognition by the root feeding clover weevil, Sitona lepidus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) 

    Johnson, S. N.; Gregory, P. J.; Murray, P. J.; Zhang, Xiaoxian (Cambridge University Press, 2004-10)
    This study investigated the ability of neonatal larvae of the root-feeding weevil, Sitona lepidus Gyllenhal, to locate white clover Trifolium repens L. (Fabaceae) roots growing in soil and to distinguish them from the roots ...
  • How can we encourage peer-reviewing? 

    Baveye, Philippe C.; Trevors, J. T. (Springer-Verlag, 2011-01)
  • How do people produce ungrammatical utterances? 

    Ivanova, Iva; Pickering, Martin J.; McLean, Janet F.; Costa, Albert; Branigan, Holly P. (Elsevier, 2012-10)
    We investigate whether people might come to produce utterances that they regard as ungrammatical by examining the production of ungrammatical verb-construction combinations (e.g., The dancer donates the soldier the apple) ...