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  • The pack size effect: influence on consumer perceptions of portion sizes 

    Hieke, Sophie; Palascha, Aikaterini; Jola, Corinne; Wills, Josephine; Raats, Monique M. (Elsevier, 2015-09-28)
    Larger portions as well as larger packs can lead to larger prospective consumption estimates, larger servings and increased consumption, described as 'portion-size effects' and 'pack size effects'. Although related, the ...
  • Pan-Arctic modelling of net ecosystem exchange of CO2 

    Shaver, Gaius R.; Rastetter, Edward B.; Salmon, Verity; Street, Lorna E.; van de Weg, Martine Janet; Rocha, Adrian; van Wijk, Mark T.; Williams, Mathew (Royal Society, 2013-07-08)
    Net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of C varies greatly among Arctic ecosystems. Here, we show that approximately 75 per cent of this variation can be accounted for in a single regression model that predicts NEE as a function of ...
  • Parallel compensatory evolution stabilizes plasmids across the parasitism-mutualism continuum 

    Harrison, Ellie; Guymer, David; Spiers, Andrew J.; Paterson, Steve; Brockhurst, Michael A. (Elsevier, 2015-07-16)
    Plasmids drive genomic diversity in bacteria via horizontal gene transfer [1 and 2]; nevertheless, explaining their survival in bacterial populations is challenging [3]. Theory predicts that irrespective of their net fitness ...
  • Parameter estimation using metaheuristics in systems biology: a comprehensive review 

    Sun, Jianyong; Garibaldi, Jonathan M.; Hodgman, Charlie (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2012)
    This paper gives a comprehensive review of the application of metaheuristics to optimization problems in systems biology, mainly focusing on the parameter estimation problem (also called the inverse problem or model ...
  • Parental involvement in sport: psychometric development and empirical test of a theoretical model 

    Teques, Pedro; Serpa, Sidonia; Rosado, Antonio; Silva, Carlos; Calmeiro, Luis (Springer, 2016-09-29)
    The purposes of the present multistudy were to develop and provide initial construct validity for measures based on the model of parental involvement in sport (Study 1) and examine structural relationships among the ...
  • Parental mediation, YouTube’s networked public, and the baby-iPad encounter: mobilizing digital dexterity. 

    Jayemanne, Darshana; Nansen, Bjorn (University of Winnipeg, 2016)
    This study collected a sample of YouTube videos in which parents recorded their young children utilizing mobile touchscreen devices. Focusing on the more frequently viewed and highly-discussed videos, the paper analyzes ...
  • Part-time work and jobsharing in health care: is the NHS a family-friendly employer? 

    Branine, Mohamed (Emerald, 2003-01)
    This paper examines the nature and level of flexible employment in the National Health Service (NHS) by investigating the extent to which part-time work and job sharing arrangements are used in the provision and delivery ...
  • Participatory selection of sustainability criteria and indicators for bioenergy developments 

    Kurka, Thomas; Blackwood, David J. (Elsevier, 2013-08)
    This paper presents a generic approach for selecting sustainability criteria and indicators (C&I) by using a participatory methodology. Selecting appropriate C&I to assess the sustainability of projects or developments is ...
  • Particle-in-cell simulations of collisionless magnetic reconnection with a non-uniform guide field 

    Wilson, F.; Neukirch, T.; Hesse, M.; Harrison, M.G.; Stark, Craig R. (American Institute of Physics, 2016-03-02)
    Results are presented of a first study of collisionless magnetic reconnection starting from a recently found exact nonlinear force-free Vlasov–Maxwell equilibrium. The initial state has a Harris sheet magnetic field profile ...
  • Passion in sport: on the quality of the coach-athlete relationship 

    Lafreniere, Marc-Andre K.; Jowett, Sophia; Vallerand, Robert J.; Donahue, Eric G.; Lorimer, Ross (Human Kinetics, 2008-10)
    Vallerand et al. (2003) developed a dualistic model of passion, wherein two types of passion are proposed: harmonious (HP) and obsessive (OP) passion that predict adap­tive and less adaptive interpersonal outcomes, ...
  • Paternal age bioethics 

    Smith, Kevin R. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2015-06-02)
    Modern genetic sequencing studies have confirmed that the sperm of older men contain a greater number of de novo germline mutations than the sperm of younger men. Although most of these mutations are neutral or of minimal ...
  • Pathfinder: a performance-game for the augmented drum-kit 

    Michalakos, Christos (Experimental Music Technologies (EMuTe) Lab, University of Sussexand REFRAME, 2016)
    Pathfinder is a performance-game for solo drummer, exploring the synergies between multiple contemporary creative practices. The work navigates between music composition, improvisation, projection/light art and game art. ...
  • Pathogen disgust predicts women’s preferences for masculinity in men’s voices, faces, and bodies 

    Jones, Benedict C.; Feinberg, David R.; Watkins, Christopher D.; Fincher, Corey L.; Little, Anthony C.; DeBruine, Lisa M. (Oxford University Press, 2013)
    Recent studies suggest that pathogen-related factors may contribute to systematic variation in women’s preferences for masculinity in men’s faces. However, there is very little evidence for similar correlations between ...
  • Pathways into services for offenders with intellectual disabilities: childhood experiences, diagnostic information, and offense variables 

    Lindsay, William R.; O'Brien, Gregory; Carson, Derek; Holland, Anthony J.; Taylor, John L.; Wheeler, Jessica R.; Middleton, Claire; Price, Karen; Steptoe, Lesley; Johnston, Susan (Sage Publications, 2010-06)
    The patterns and pathways into intellectual disability (ID) offender services were studied through case file review for 477 participants referred in one calendar year to community generic, community forensic, and low, ...
  • Pathways through services for offenders with intellectual disability: a one- and two-year follow-up study 

    Lindsay, William R.; Holland, Tony; Wheeler, Jessica R.; Carson, Derek; O'Brien, Gregory; Taylor, John L.; Steptoe, Lesley; Middleton, Claire; Price, Karen; Johnston, Susan; Young, Steven J. (American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 2010-05)
    The pathways through services for offenders with intellectual disability were reviewed. Participants were 197 offenders with intellectual disability accepted into three types of community and three types of secure forensic ...
  • Patrick Geddes 

    Law, Alex (SAGE, 2010)
  • Pause before you respond: handedness influences response style on the Tower of Hanoi task 

    Wright, Lynn; Hardie, Scott M.; Rodway, Paul (Taylor & Francis, 2004-04)
    Comparative laterality research has indicated that marmoset monkeys with a right-hand preference take less time to respond to novel objects within a novel environment (Cameron & Rogers, 1999). This suggests that right ...
  • Peer review: beyond the call of duty? 

    Griffiths, Peter; Baveye, Philippe C. (Elsevier, 2011-01)
    The number of manuscripts submitted to most scholarly journals has increased tremendously over the last few decades, and shows no sign of leveling off. Increasingly, a key challenge faced by editors of scientific journals ...
  • Peer support equals successful study 

    Simpson, Edward; Ogwuda, Olisanwendu Ikechukwuka (The Higher Education Academy, 2004-07)
    Wondered how to get a very nearly 100% pass rate in a subject new to undergraduates?
  • People with intellectual disability who offend or are involved with the criminal justice system 

    Lindsay, William R. (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2011-09)
    Purpose of review: This review assesses the impact of recent research on the field of offenders with intellectual disabilities. Research includes work on prevalence, developments in appropriate assessments and investigations ...