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  • Zinc accumulation and utilisation by wine yeasts 

    De Nicola, Raffaele; Hall, Nichola; Bollag, Tatiana; Thermogiannis, Georgios; Walker, Graeme M. (Dove Medical Press, 2009-02)
    The present study has focused on the accumulation of zinc by wine yeast strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae during fermentation of both grape juice and chemically defined medium with different carbohydrates and at varying ...
  • Zinc interactions with brewing yeast: impact on fermentation performance 

    De Nicola, Raffaele; Walker, Graeme M. (American Society of Brewing Chemists, 2011)
    The effect of zinc on brewing yeast cells was studied in relation to zinc uptake, fermentation performance and flavour congener formation. Experiments using malt wort with variable supplements of zinc salts were conducted ...
  • Zoo visitors’ understanding of terms denoting research activity 

    Carson, Lloyd (SAGE, 2014-06)
    Zoos have increasingly sought to justify their existence by reference to a scientific role particularly in the domains of animal welfare and conservation. Given recent initiatives by the UK government to foster public ...