The School of Arts, Media and Computer Games (AMG) conducts research, knowledge exchange and consultancy services in two distinct areas: digital content creation and computer security. AMG’s Division of Games and Arts focuses on design, development and production of digital content, particularly relating to games and interactive media. The Division works with a broad range of industries and organisations seeking to develop new processes and products, media strategies and ways in which interactive media can be used to engage audiences, develop new business models and innovate new technologies. The Division of Computing and Mathematics concentrates on computer security in the fields of resilience, counter-measures and cyber security. This includes assessing business systems for resilience, penetration testing, developing and implementing secure systems. The Division offers advice and services to companies and organisations seeking to understand security risks and security management and develop software systems and countermeasures to improve secure systems operations.

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  • BitBox!: A case study interface for teaching real-time adaptive music composition for video games 

    McAlpine, Kenneth B. (Intellect, 2016-04)
    Real-time adaptive music is now well-established as a popular medium, largely through its use in video game soundtracks. Commercial packages, such as fmod, make freely available the underlying technical methods for use in ...
  • An impression of home: player nostalgia and the impulse to explore game worlds 

    Sloan, Robin J.S. (Digital Games Research Association, 2016-08-01)
    In this paper I argue that there is a need for game studies to look beyond nostalgia as a period style or form of remediation, and to more carefully consider the role of nostalgia as an affective state experienced by ...
  • Chips with everything: coding as performance and the aesthetics of constraint 

    McAlpine, Kenneth B. (2016-04)
    Constraint has always been a powerful driver for musical creativity. Every culture expresses shared ideas about musicality. Arguably, it is the role of the musician both to satisfy and to challenge these ideas by extrapolating ...
  • The game jam movement: disruption, performance and artwork 

    Locke, Ryan; Parker, Lynn; Galloway, Dayna; Sloan, Robin (Global Game Jam, 2015)
    This paper explores the current conventions and intentions of the game jam - contemporary events that encourage the rapid, collaborative creation of game design prototypes. Game jams are often renowned for their capacity ...
  • Meet the expert: BitBox! 

    McAlpine, Kenneth B. (Dundee Science Centre, 2015-09-19)
    Images and video from an Exhibition at Dundee Science Centre 2015 by Dr Kenneth McAlpine of BitBox: an installation that takes game music from the screen and brings it into the room. Using ultrasonic sensors, the system ...
  • A genetic algorithm based economic dispatch (GAED) with environmental constraint optimisation 

    King, David J.; Ozveren, C.S.; Warsono (VDE, 2011)
    The role of renewable energy in power systems is becoming more significant due to the increasing cost of fossil fuels and climate change concerns. However, the inclusion of Renewable Energy Generators (REG), such as wind ...
  • A new enhancement to MTD(f) 

    Stock, Eric; King, David J. (2010)
    Programmers have used the Alpha - Beta algorithm since the 1960's to enable computers to play games classified as 2 player, zero-sum with perfect information (Marsland 1986). Chess, Othello, Checkers and Go are examples ...
  • Advanced control strategies for pumped storage plant 

    King, David J.; Bradley, D.A.; Mansoor, S.P.; Jones, D.I.; Aris, F.C.; Jones, G.R. (2002-07)
    Pump storage hydropower stations provide a highly flexible means of managing a power system by virtue of their operational flexibility. In particular, their ability to respond rapidly to changes in system loading means ...
  • New loss of mains detection algorithm for embedded generation using rate of change of voltage and changes in power factors. 

    Salman, S. K.; King, David J.; Weller, G. (IET, 2001-04)
    The work reported in this paper proposes a new method for detecting loss of mains (LOM), which considered one of the basic protection systems that should be provided for an embedded generator (EG). The proposed LOM protection ...
  • Monitoring changes in system variables due to islanding condition and those due to disturbances at the utilities' network 

    Salman, S. K.; King, David J. (IEEE, 1999-04)
    The continuous growth in embedded generation (EG) has emphasised the importance of being able to reliably detect loss of mains (LOM) especially when the EG is `islanded' with part of the utility network. Current methods ...
  • A simple hybrid algorithm for improving team sport AI 

    King, David J.; Edwards, D (2015)
    In the very popular genre of team sports games defeating the opposing AI is the main focus of the gameplay experience. However the overall quality of these games is significantly damaged because, in a lot of cases, the ...
  • Particle-in-cell simulations of collisionless magnetic reconnection with a non-uniform guide field 

    Wilson, F.; Neukirch, T.; Hesse, M.; Harrison, M.G.; Stark, Craig R. (American Institute of Physics, 2016-03-02)
    Results are presented of a first study of collisionless magnetic reconnection starting from a recently found exact nonlinear force-free Vlasov–Maxwell equilibrium. The initial state has a Harris sheet magnetic field profile ...
  • Branching particle systems and compound Poisson processes related to Pólya-Aeppli distributions 

    Paris, Richard B.; Vinogradov, Vladimir (Serials Publications, 2015-03)
    We establish numerous new refined local limit theorems for a class of compound Poisson processes with Pólya-Aeppli marginals, and for a particular family of the branching particle systems which undergo critical binary ...
  • Asymptotic evaluation of an integral arising in quantum harmonic oscillator tunnelling probabilities 

    Paris, Richard B. (Hikari, 2015-04-27)
    We obtain an asymptotic evaluation of the integral ʃ ∞ √2n+1 e−x2 H2 n (x) dx for n → ∞, where Hn(x) is the Hermite polynomial. This integral is used to determine the probability for the quantum harmonic oscillator in the ...
  • The asymptotic expansion of a generalisation of the Euler-Jacobi series 

    Paris, Richard B. (European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (EJPAM), 2016)
    We consider the asymptotic expansion of the sum Sp(a; w) = ∞Ʃ n=1 e−anp/nw as a → 0 in | arg a| <1/2π for arbitrary finite p > 0 and w > 0. Our attention is concentrated mainly on the case when p and w are both even ...
  • The first millimeter detection of a non-accreting ultracool dwarf 

    Williams, P. K. G.; Casewell, S. L.; Stark, Craig R.; Littlefair, S. P.; Helling, Ch.; Berger, E. (IOP Publishing, 2015-12-09)
    The well-studied M9 dwarf TVLM 513–46546 is a rapid rotator (P rot ~ 2 hr) hosting a stable, dipolar magnetic field of ~3 kG surface strength. Here we report its detection with ALMA at 95 GHz at a mean flux density of 56 ...
  • On the asymptotics of products related to generalizations of the Wilf and Mortini problems 

    Chen, Chao-Ping; Paris, Richard B. (Taylor & Francis, 2015-12-11)
    In this paper, we present the connection between generalized Wilf’sand Mortini’s problems. We also consider the connection betweenanother infinite product formula and limit relation with severalparameters.
  • What can we learn from film sound 

    McAlpine, Kenneth B.; McLean, Matthew (Audio Drama Production Podcast, 2016-01-08)
    This is an interview about the practical application of film sound theory and concepts to audio drama production. Some of the most famous and classic examples of sound being used to tell stories come from the world of ...
  • Finding the future: evolving interaction design 

    Primrose, Kym; Sloan, Robin J. S.; Scott-Brown, Kenneth C. (ACM, 2015-07-13)
    The main aim of this project is to design and prototype a simplified example of a mobile operating system that makes use of both edge swipe control and 'smart' graphical instructions. The research will consider how these ...
  • Virginals, Robert Hatley, London, 1664 

    McAlpine, Kenneth B.; Waitzmann, Mimi (National Trust, 2015-10-05)
    This is a complete sound archive of all possible tone registrations and mechanical release noises for each note and each mechanical stop of the Benton Fletcher Collection's Robert Hatley harpsichord, dated 1664. Dr McAlpine ...

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