Recent Submissions

  • An investigation of two real time machine learning techniques that could enhance the adaptability of game AI agents 

    King, David J.; Bennett, Cassie (EUROSIS, 2016)
    Developers strive to create innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) behaviour in their games as a key selling point. Machine Learning is an area of AI that looks at how applications and agents can be programmed to learn ...
  • Infants, interfaces, and intermediation: digital parenting and the production of 'iPad baby' videos on YouTube 

    Nansen, Bjorn; Jayemanne, Darshana (Taylor and Francis, 2016-11-17)
    We investigate the ways young children’s use of mobile touchscreen interfaces is both understood and shaped by parents through the production of YouTube videos and discussions in associated comment threads. This analysis ...
  • Postdigital interfaces and the aesthetics of recruitment 

    Jayemanne, Darshana; Apperley, Thomas; Namsen, Bjorn (DIGRA, 2016-01)
    This paper analyses reconfigurations of play in emergent digital materialities of game design. It extends recent work examining dimensions of hybridity in playful products by turning attention to interfaces, practices and ...
  • A study on situational awareness security and privacy of wearable health monitoring devices 

    Bellekens, Xavier; Nieradzinska, Kamila; Bellekens, Alexandra; Seeam, Preetila; Hamilton, Andrew; Seeam, Amar (C-MRiC.ORG, 2016)
    Situational Awareness provides a user centric approach to security and privacy. The human factor is often recognised as the weakest link in security, therefore situational perception and risk awareness play a leading role ...
  • Testing times 

    Lyons, David (Cello Press, 2013)
    The paper describes the experimental genesis of a series of prints that examines how sight influences perception, designed to engage an audience of varying visual abilities.
  • Visions d'epigenetique 

    Lyons, David (Lavoisier, 2015-09)
  • Double blind test series 

    Lyons, David (2013-08)
    Braille is a communication tool in decline, in America by 80% since 1950, and in the UK to the extent that only 1% of blind people are now thought to read Braille.1, 2 There are a variety of causal factors, including the ...
  • Circle squared: an interactive environment 

    Lyons, David; Ullah, Raz (2016-06-25)
    Circle Squared by David Lyons and Raz Ullah, brings together large-scale projected motion graphics and a dynamic soundscape to create a playful, digitally interactive artwork. The sounds are drawn from heightened and ...
  • Eye for an eye 

    Lyons, David; Flatla, David R. (ACM Digital Library, 2014)
    Artist David Lyons and computer scientist David Flatla work collaboratively to create art that intentionally targets audiences of varying visual abilities mediated through smart device interfaces. Conceived as an investigation ...
  • Double vision 

    Lyons, David; Ullah, R.; Flatla, D. (2015)
  • The color blind test 

    Lyons, David (2014-08)
    Conceived as an investigation into theories and practices of visual perception, these prints explore the idea that artwork can be intentionally created to be experienced differently dependent on one's visual abilities. The ...
  • Efficient and precise interactive hand tracking through joint, continuous optimization of pose and correspondences 

    Taylor, Jonathan; Bordeaux, Lucas; Corish, Bob; Keskin, Cem; Sharp, Toby; Soto, Eduardo; Sweeney, David; Valentin, Julien; Luff, Benjamin; Topalian, Arran; Wood, Erroll; Khamis, Sameh; Kohli, Pushmeet; Izadi, Shahram; Banks, Richard; Fitzgibbon, Andrew; Shotton, Jamie (ACM, 2016-07-31)
    Fully articulated hand tracking promises to enable fundamentally new interactions with virtual and augmented worlds, but the limited accuracy and efficiency of current systems has prevented widespread adoption. Today's ...
  • Using multiple GPUs to accelerate string searching for digital forensic analysis 

    Bayne, Ethan; Ferguson, R. Ian; Sampson, Adam T.; Isaacs, John (Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law (ADFSL), 2016-09)
    String searching within a large corpus of data is an important component of digital forensic (DF) analysis techniques such as file carving. The continuing increase in capacity of consumer storage devices requires corresponding ...
  • Cancer systems biology 

    Bown, James (Elsevier, 2016-07-20)
    This is an abstract of a presented talk at the European Biotechnology Conference held in Latvia during 05–07 May 2016
  • Ludification of work or labourisation of play? On work/play interferences in the digital times. 

    Fizek, Sonia; Dippel, Anne (2016-04-19)
    Presented at Money and Games: 12th annual Game Research Lab Spring seminar, University of Tampere, Finland, on the 19th of April 2016.
  • Playful laboratories: the significance of games for knowledge production in the digital age 

    Dippel, Anne; Fizek, Sonia (2015-05-15)
    Presented at DiGRA 2015 Diversity of Play, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany, on the 15th of May 2015.
  • Ludification of work or labourisation of play? On work-play interferences. 

    Dippel, Anne; Fizek, Sonia (2016-08-01)
    Paper presented at the 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG Dundee, August 1-6, 2016.
  • Gift players or playbourers? Who is playing citizen science games? 

    Fizek, Sonia (2016-08-01)
    Paper presented at the 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG Dundee, August 1-6, 2016.
  • Series representations of the remainders in the expansions for certain functions with applications 

    Chen, Chao-Ping; Paris, Richard B. (Springer, 2016-10-12)
    We present a summary of the series representations of the remainders in the expansions in ascending powers of t of 2/(et+1)2/(et+1) , sech t and coth t and establish simple bounds for these remainders when t>0t>0 . Several ...
  • Pathfinder: a performance-game for the augmented drum-kit 

    Michalakos, Christos (Experimental Music Technologies (EMuTe) Lab, University of Sussexand REFRAME, 2016)
    Pathfinder is a performance-game for solo drummer, exploring the synergies between multiple contemporary creative practices. The work navigates between music composition, improvisation, projection/light art and game art. ...

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