The School of Social and Health Sciences (SHS) pursues interdisciplinary applied research that is helping to shape health, education, criminal justice and youth policies and practices nationally. The Division of Psychology focuses on policing and criminal justice; vision science; evolutionary and biological approaches to behaviour; and cognition and learning. The Division of Mental Health Nursing and Counselling focuses on healthcare-related violence, nursing education and counselling for the adjustment to chronic conditions. The Division is developing a Centre of Excellence for Mental Health Nursing. The Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences focuses on sports performance and coaching; and health and wellbeing (e.g. obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, cancer. high-intensity training, and the impact of exercise on ageing). The Division also hosts the Dundee Academy of Sport collaborative programme for local schools. The Division of Sociology focuses on security, identity and policy (covering social movements, political protest, policing and criminal justice, ethnicity and asylum, environmental and economic sociology); and social/political theory and critique, and is developing expertise in digital cultures (culture and technology; user research/social aspects of ICT).

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